Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy explained


Oliver Patel, Research Associate at UCL European Institute, outlines Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy, noting that there is a huge amount of uncertainty regarding the nature of the future relationship he seeks. The tight timeframe also means that the next crisis could be on extending the transition period. 

Getting Brexit done?

Boris Johnson’s mantra for the 2019 election has been that a vote for the Conservatives is a vote to “get Brexit done”. By this, he means that a Conservative government would pass his withdrawal agreement through parliament.

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The Mechanics of a Further Referendum on Brexit Revisited: Questions for the New Parliament

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 16.48.44A further referendum on Brexit is central to many parties’ general election pledges. The Constitution Unit published a new report examining how such a vote might come about and what form it might take. This updates previous work conducted last year. In this blog, reposted from the Constitution Unit and adapted from the report’s final chapter, Alan Renwick, Meg Russell, Lisa James and Jess Sargeant sum up the key conclusions. They find that, though it would not be without difficulties, a vote on Johnson’s deal may be the quickest option and the one most likely to command public legitimacy. 

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Stray thoughts on British electoral politics and the Jews

element5-digital-T9CXBZLUvic-unsplashMichael Berkowitz reflects on the role of antisemitism and issues concerning Jews in the ongoing election, and on how the history of Jews in Britain might guide the perplexed. 

Britain’s politics has to some extent engaged various Jewish questions even when there was no official Jewish community between 1290 and the mid-seventeenth century. This electoral season has been unusual for the degree to which issues concerning Jews, and antisemitism in particular, have played a significant part in the political discourse.

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How to Navigate the 2019 General Election: Views from UCL


Brexit, tactical voting, the unity of the United Kingdom… The 12 December election is like no other in many ways. Our colleagues from across UCL offer their thoughts on how to approach the first winter poll since 1923. 

Read below our round-up of comments to prepare yourself for the upcoming vote.

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Opportunity Cost: Why Brexit is not quite the security and defence moment Brussels has been banking on

ben blog sizeBenjamin Martill, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh, argues that although many in Brussels view Brexit as a golden opportuntity for EU security and defence, and several initiatives have been pushed forward, the reality is more complicated.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent claim that NATO was ‘brain-dead’ and that Europe needed to focus on building up its own security and defence capabilities was the latest in a long line of public pronouncements on the future of European defence in recent years.

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