Brexit: Constitutional and Legal Requirements 

Daniella Lock and Oliver Patel
August 2016, 5 pages


This paper analyses the constitutional and legal requirements of Brexit, assessing the role of Parliament in the withdrawal process. It also gives an overview of the debate regarding Article 50 and parliamentary approval.


Brexit: The Consequences for Other EU Member States

Oliver Patel and Alan Renwick
June 2016, 5 pages


This paper focuses on the political and constitutional implications of Brexit for other EU member states.  It focuses on the respective negotiating stances of various states, as well as the long-term impact of Brexit across Europe. There is also a case study on the impact of Brexit on Ireland.


Brexit: The Consequences for Devolution and the Union

Robert Hazell and Alan Renwick
June 2016, 5 pages


This paper discusses the consequences of Brexit for Devolution and the Union. It suggests that the process of withdrawal could be complicated by devolution and have profound constitutional implications for the Union. In the long-term, it could increase the scope for policy implications between the nations, and for differentiated relationships with the EU.

A Short Handbook of Brexit Fallacies

Albert Weale
June 2016, 5 pages

This paper analyses how in the EU referendum campaign, facts needed to be fitted into a bigger picture to allow individuals to make responsible voting choices. Deciding to leave or remain in the EU required estimating the possible consequences of the choice. Estimating consequences requires a chain of reasoning. And reasoning always involves the danger of fallacies. Fallacies can lead even thoughtful people from factual truths to false conclusions. This note explores the role fallacies played in the debate in five keys areas: the economy, regulation, migration, sovereignty and security.

Brexit and Energy: Cost, Security and Climate Policy Implications

Michael Grubb and Stephen Tindale
May 2016, 5 pages

EInote3This paper analyses the implications of Brexit for the UK’s energy sector. Despite significant uncertainties, the experience of other non-EU countries and the UK’s past role in EU discussions allow broad predictions of the consequences for UK energy operations and trade.



Brexit: The Consequences for the EU’s Political System

Christine Reh and Oliver Patel
May 2016, 5 pages


How would Brussels manage the negotiation process, constitutionally and politically? What would be the short-term institutional consequences of Brexit for the UK’s MEPs, the 2017 UK Presidency, and voting rights in the Council of Ministers? In the long run, how would Brexit impact on the balance of power between member states in the EU’s policy-process?


The Constitutional Consequences of Brexit: Whitehall and Westminster

Nicholas Wright and Oliver Patel
April 2016, 5 pages


This briefing paper focuses on the impact of Brexit upon Whitehall and Westminster. It asks:
– How will the Brexit withdrawal process affect Whitehall and Westminster?
– How would Whitehall and Westminster change in the long term after withdrawal?


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