Brexit Divisions: What you ought to know about EU referendums and the UK debate


As the Brexit campaigns are heating up in preparation for the 23 June referendum, Ece Özlem Atikcan and Claudia Sternberg launch a new project to examine how referendum campaigns and the wider public debates around them influence how we think and vote. This whole week they are guest editing a series of articles on openDemocracy on the UK debate and campaigns around Brexit. A second guest week, from 21-25 March, will focus on issues of migration as a key point of controversy and opinion shaper in the Brexit debate.

On 23 June the British people will make an existential choice by deciding whether or not Britain will remain a member of the European Union. From now until then, everyone from campaigners, politicians, and representatives of business, trade unions, and higher education to journalists, commentators, and opinion shapers will all present different interpretations of the choice at hand. In this guest week we want to not only raise awareness but offer critical analysis of this contest.

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